Audit, Training.

Audit-Cato Consultancy offer auditing both internally and out on sites. We can ensure that companies comply with law, regulations, Acops, industry standards.

We carry out audits on an app which means that media can be added during an audit and can be adapted to best suit the individual needs of the organisation.  This also ensures that our clients receive the report of audits quicker, we aim for same day turnaround.

We offer asbestos awareness training for those who wish to give their,employees more insight into asbestos and the hazards, risks associated with it,  along with common places where this hidden killer can lie.

Supervisor and Operative refresher training is also offered at a competitive price. These can be carried out on a training needs basis or TNA so the individual(s) get the best from the training and not just stuck in a classroom all day. This can be practical training on site or classroom based if it is more the standard procedures or legislation they need to improve on.

Face fit training can be carried out for 1/2 masks and will be done using qualitative  testing. A discount is offered for six or more people.

Organised is helping companies not only collect certain data but to help store and record this data when asked to present this as part of licence renewals or interviews. We often find people say they are doing something but cannot prove they are actually doing it or store such information in a way that is difficult to find.

Audit Training Compliance

If you would like more specific detail as to what we can do for you in this area then do give us a call.